Candy Germany

Mom-ager – Travel Enthusiast – Producer of Living Legends


DG: In my almost 21 years of living, I’ve come to the realization that one’s Zodiac Sign can be quite telling… What is your Zodiac Sign and how do you feel about said sign?


CG: Well, I’m a Gemini… *waits for unnecessary slander* I think that alone speaks for itself.


DG: Yeah, y’all wild.


CG: Girl, come on with the next question!


DG: You right, we gotta be serious.* clears throat* So, Ms. Germany, Name a fun fact that, in that particular moment, wasn’t all that fun?


CG: Uhhh, I would have to say that my fun fact would be that just a few weeks ago I wrecked a truck at work. I mean, it would have been fine if I were new to the job and all. But wrecking a truck at a plant you’ve been working at for almost 25 years — WHO DOES THAT?! I was so embarrassed!


DG: Hahahahahah I bet! That’s hilarious! It’s okay though. Now, what characteristics make you, you?


CG: Knowing you, I should have known the deep questions were on the way. I believe that what makes me “me” is that I am myself – all the time. I feel as though a lot of people struggle with the concept of being their authentic self in fear of being judged – which is totally understandable! However, in my almost 48 years of living –




CG: Thank you, pumpkin! *pats fro, feelin’ self* But in my almost 48 years of living, I have really learned how to grasp the fact that no one on God’s green Earth will ever live with my life, therefore, they have no control of how I act, what I do, how I live from day-to-day.


DG: PREACH! What experiences in Kentucky have allowed you to see the world in a different light?


CG: Honestly, my experiences of being a mother in Kentucky. Although I was born in West Virginia, being raised here I honestly had the same notions that those who are not from here tend to have about us – we are country as all get out and there is nothing to do or see. Witnessing my kids grow up here, specifically in Louisville, and learning about the different people from all walks of life who just so happen to inhabit our state has been extremely eye-opening over the past 25 years. My kids have gone on to do and see things that I never imagined which has really broadened my horizons and expanded my ways of thinking.

DG: *blushes* You’re too kind! We were raised by the best to ever do it. As you know, in order to create the best version of themselves, butterflies undergo a process of metamorphosis. In your opinion, why is “change” necessary? What has been the most impactful change in your life thus far?


CG: I am one of those types of people who absolutely HATE change. I mean, to the core. It took me a while to even be open to changes that occur in my life. I love stability – so anything that requires something switching up isn’t necessarily my cup of tea. Becoming an empty-nester over the past few years is what really challenged me to be more adaptable. With no kids to take to practice, pick up from school, or attend competitions and games for, I really had to do some soul searching. From this experience, my travel agency was born! Although I am still in my beginning stages, gaining my entrepreneurial spirit has made the most impactful change in my life. It has taught me the importance of stepping out on faith and allowing our Higher Power to do the rest. It has taught me that perseverance and resilience are one hell of a combination. And lastly, although it is cliché, it has taught me that I truly can do anything that I put my mind to.


DG: OMG! You’re about to have me in here misty-eyed! I am so proud of you! Witnessing your growth has been so beautiful! Okay, last question. In essence, what is your “Butterfly Effect?” In what way do you wish to transform the world through your actions?


CG: Wow, that’s steep. Well, I have no idea what new ventures will be presented for me to embark on in years to come but as of right now, my Butterfly Effect would be encouraging people of color to “Get Out and Experience the World” through my travel agency – Tremonae Travel. As I mentioned earlier, being born in West Virginia and raised in Kentucky did not provide me with the most adventurous spirit growing up. It wasn’t until my daughter went to college and came home talking to me about all of her friends who have went to so many amazing places, her plans of travelling the world, as well as the different people from so many different places that she has met that really opened my eyes to how important it is to see the world. Her experiences also helped highlight the stigma behind why people of color do not and have not always been afforded the opportunity to travel. Through these conversations, Tremonae Travel was born in efforts to break that stigma and make travel affordable for all.


DG: COME ON MAKING TRAVEL AFFORDABLE TO ALL! That is absolutely amazing! I know all of your clients are so thankful for your services. Thank you so much for your time and transparency during this interview. It is greatly appreciated! Love you.


CG: …Love you more!


If you know of a Black Kentuckian who serves as a change-agent for their community and would love to be featured in The Butterfly Effect Project, please send an email to Thank you so much for tuning in!